Research Projects

Research Projects

I live the fullness of who I am, and I express my unique love.

In this dimension, a soft and beautiful light shines through your being. Here you find yourself fully expanded and still very uniquely ‘you’. You are at one with your qualities, and you can express them so they teach and inspire others. For instance you feel your courage in all your cells in your body, and in all your life, or you can see beauty in everything. You can be completely clear and fully creative.

You are in contact with the well of your deepest being and your life force flows. You contact your Big Loving Heart and that of your community. In this dimen- sion there are no polarities, just qualities, indivisible. You can give your life a deeper meaning and freedom by letting these qualities radiate into your presence and into what you are manifesting. When you are in contact with your Essence you recognize it effortlessly in the other, and experience yourself in it.

Let yourself be inspired by what Brennan Healers have to offer and see how Brennan Healing invites Essence to come forth. Essence is there in everyone, it is your birthright, and it has as many ways of expression as there are living creatures. We invite you to let your essence shine, and feel the immense pleasure of Creating your life.



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